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Zameenlocator Land Records provides a user-friendly platform offering easy access to Punjab and Sindh land records. Discover verified property details, check ownership online, access transaction history, and explore comprehensive land records effortlessly through our digital interface.


Retrieve verified land ownership data using Punjab
Land Record Authority


Obtain verified land tenure information via the Sindh
Board of Revenue

About Zameenlocator's Land Records

The current government has taken a firm stance on anti-corruption measures, prompting the provincial governments of Punjab and Sindh to initiate a revolution in their respective land record systems. This comprehensive initiative includes the complete computerization of land records, which will create a positive environment for citizens and eradicate existing issues, such as land ownership disputes. Digitizing land records will eliminate the possibility of counterfeit ownership documents and deeds, which typically take a long time to authenticate. In addition to these objectives, the initiative aims to improve service delivery times and enhance the perceived level of security and scrutiny of the process. The government's modern and tech-inclusive approach to transforming the manual land record system into an efficient, accountable, secure, and transparent mechanism is intended to provide relief to the general population with their property transactions. At Zameenlocator Land Records, we strive to help our customers make informed decisions and secure their property by providing a secure investment environment. While the provincial governments have taken significant steps to improve land records, Zameenlocator Land Records provides an all-inclusive automated platform to further increase its efficacy and assist with property transactions.

How can I access land records in Punjab and Sindh

Discover the convenience of accessing Punjab and Sindh land records online through Zameen Locator. Our platform features a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly check property ownership details, transaction history, and comprehensive land records. Simply visit our website, enter specific information like property location or owner's name, and instantly retrieve accurate data. Whether you’re a potential buyer, investor, or conducting property research, Zameen Locator ensures quick access to essential information. Stay informed and empowered with Zameen Locator as your trusted resource for seamless online land record checks in Punjab and Sindh.